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Hyatt Nokia ClearBlack technology analysis

Hyatt Nokia ClearBlack technology analysis

Under a sun screen is a very troublesome thing, often with his hand blocking the Sun's rays can see screen content. Cause under the Sun see the screen because of the content of the screen glare than light reflected from the screen light display light intensity, we can be hard to see the screen clearly. Facing the outside can't see screen problem, the simplest way is to increase the brightness of the screen. But relying solely on increasing the brightness of the screen to save power. Now screen is a large power consumption in mobile phone spare parts, if you increase the brightness of the screen, will only result in a shorter renewal time.

In order to solve this problem does not affect the battery life of the phone, Nokia uses a Hyatt ClearBlack display technology. At present, the technology has been used in the Lumia 920, Lumia 800 phone. Image on the left is using a Nokia ClearBlack, is not made to the right of the C6-01 prototype using this technology, we can see the picture on the left of the screen content can be seen, and the right of the cell phone screen is white, cannot see the contents.

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Hyatt Nokia ClearBlack technology analysis

Nokia said the technology can make screens in the Sun remained the same as indoor results, and this kind of technology and Polarized Sunglasses similar to the polarizer is the display layer is more complicated than sunglasses. On a sunny day, if you don't have a polarized light eyes looking directly at the water, under the influence of surface reflection you don't see anything below the surface, cell phone screen is the same way. How exactly this is a technology, let us take a look at it.

Nokia has on the official blog of this technology has been introduced, in the figure below, we can see three layers, three include linear polarization, one-fourth wave slow film (quarter-wave retardation film) and the reflector. When the light after the polarizer, the following situation can occur: Kenzo iPhone Case Kenzo iPhone cover

Arrive in linear polarization of light layer, this layer allows vertically polarized light. Then arrived in circular polarized light delay film. This layer can once again change the direction of the light, and right circularly polarized light. Reflections from the screen and then arrive at the screen, is rotated to the left. And then again after a slow film, becomes a horizontal polarization. Eventually arrived in linear polarization of light, due to the light at this point in a horizontal polarization, so the layers can completely block out the light.

Hyatt Nokia ClearBlack technology analysis

So why won't stop when the display of the polarization of light? Because the light on the screen after only a half of the distance, so the light from the screen can arrive at people's eyes.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Google fascinating depth of dreams like the machines took hallucinogens

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) by: this article is translated from the Google's by Pu technology engineer Artificial Brain Is Pumping Out of the Trippy-And Pricey-Art. Web exclusive article of Lei feng.

Google fascinating depth of dreams: like the machines took hallucinogens

On Friday night, in the San Francisco Mission District (Mission District) of a vintage movie art gallery, Google graphics expert Blaise Ag • era y Arcas to approximately 800 geek hipster published a wonderful speech.

Used to hang a film his speech when he stood on the wall next to the screen, projection equipment used in this piece displayed 500 years ago on the walls of Renaissance Germany a pair of double portrait of the painter Hans Holbein paintings. Paintings in the distortion of a human skull, according to Blaise's interpretation of Hans Holbin was unlikely to directly draw the odd human skull, but use mirrors or lenses to project images of the skull to the canvas, and then sketch out the contours of the skull. "He is using the most advanced technology at that time," Blaise said.

Through this example, Blaise mean we use science and technology to create art has a history of several centuries, at this point, and now we're not so different from past. Blaise Gallery through this way each introduce the exhibits created by artificial neural network, which consists of computer hardware and software combination of neural network and neural network similar to the human brain. Last year, Google researchers have developed a new kind of artificial neural network for artistic creation, this weekend, Google put the artificial intelligence system into a two-day exhibition which generates a picture for a commitment to the arts and technology and the nonprofit organization--the gray area Foundation for the Arts (the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts)-had raised $ 84,000. cover Moschino

Google fascinating depth of dreams: like the machines took hallucinogens

Night of the exhibition, is a particularly stylish but geeky Valley scene. "Look at it! This is Clay Bavor, Google's famous head of the virtual reality project! "。 "Look, there is a TechCrunch (a tech media) by Josh Constine. "" This is MG Siegler, writes for TechCrunch in the past, now often appear in artificial neural network art exhibitions, well, I think it was him. "At the same time that night and demonstrated a fast pace of development of artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence has now reached a historic high, artificial neural networks can not only promote the progress of the Google search engine, but also produces people willing to pay big money to buy the works of art.

In the eyes of Blaise, from mankind's first since the artwork was created, these are merely an integral part in the process of history, just like Han Holbein's neural network just broadens the creative form of art. While in others, this is an exciting new things. "This is the first time I viewed the creation of works of art into a science project. "One gray area Foundation for the Arts patron Alexander Lloyd said he spent thousands of dollars on a pair of artificial neural network's works of art. Friday night's show at the same time has given us a positive hints, make us more inclined we will have a wonderful world of artificial intelligence, smarter machines will become more independent, they will engage in more work for us and led us to a new world beyond our imagination.

| Depth (learning) dream

Today, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Enterprise, and artificial neural networks have been widely used in automatic recognition of images, the smart phone's voice command recognition and intelligent translation between different languages. If you have entered enough pictures of your family to the machine, then the machine will learn to recognize your kin. This is Facebook the way you upload photo in identify face. Now, called "deep dream (DeepDream)", "generator", Google successfully subvert these neural networks. Is no longer recognized the picture of the machine, but to create the picture.

Google said the results called "Inceptionism", to the movie inception 2010 Leonardo (Inception), pay tribute to, the film depicts a can im going to put our ideas into the consciousness of the other technologies. Although this may not be the best analogy, but this new technology does is it shows us robot dreams.

In order to train "deep dream", "brain", we first need to enter a photo or other image, artificial neural networks will be looking for similar patterns in these pictures, constant repetition will strengthen this pattern. "This would create a feedback loop: If a cloud looks a little like a bird, artificial neural networks will make it look more like a bird," staff at Google in a blog post announcing the project, said for the first time. "This will, in turn, makes artificial neural network better able to identify birds in the next step, until a rich detail bird suddenly appear in front of you. " iPhone 6 Moschino

Output results in this way is very charming, but a bit disturbing. If you put your photos into artificial neural networks, if it found that somewhere there are some on your face like a dog, it will face this part of your dog. "This is like a neural network was hallucinating," said Steven Hansen, a Google DeepMind AI intern of London lab, "it looks like dogs everywhere! "Or, if you give an artificial neural network input random noise picture, it might generate a tree or a tower, or a whole consisting of Tower City. In the same amount of noise in the picture, it may find a pig and a snail's blurry images, then it will generate a frightening new creatures that combines both characteristics. Think about it, it's like a machine taking hallucinogens.

| Real art (Virtually Art)

For developers of Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev, vision is initially developed this technology to better understand the behavior of neural networks. Although the artificial neural networks has to show its power, but in the way they behave, there are still some mysteries have been solved. We cannot fully understand this hardware and software combination of what happened to the neural network. Mordvintsev and other researchers were still working on research of artificial neural network in order to fully understand them. At the same time, another engineer at Google, Mike Tyka went to look for the ability to use this technology to create art. His research on artificial neural network for Google at the same time, was also a sculptor. He saw the technology as technology combined with the art of a way.

Artists with Tyka, responsible for selected image input to artificial neural networks, they can to adjust certain behaviors of artificial neural network to the appropriate mode. They can even start training them so that they recognize the new pattern, in order to release seemingly limitless possibilities. This technology generates some of the works look very similar, especially in a number of works about spiral, dogs and trees. But part of the work in their own adventures on the direction, showing a through inhospitable and cold machines picture.

On Friday night, Tykad artificial neural networks responsible for four pieces of art created by auction. Are the "drill Castle Air Museum (Castles in the Sky With Diamonds)", "devout faith of God's Army (Ground Still State of God's Original Brigade)," "the whim of the Carboniferous (Carboniferous Fantasy)", "Sparks, sun shining Babylon (Babylon of the Blue Sun)". Through the Gallery, the odd painting, a match the singular visual effect of paintings. Not surprisingly these unique paintings, according to the plan the exhibition host Joshua said, these names are these works of art of artificial neural networks of their choice. Ross Goodwin, one of the New York University graduate student used the same type of artificial neural network technology to generate names for Tyka work.

cover Moschino

In the view of Steven Hansen, these paintings that are automatically generated and cannot be regarded as a major leap forward. "I felt like an advanced version of PhotoShop," he said. But at least the DeepDream symbolizes the great changes in this area, the machine can already do a lot of things for myself. On the Google search engine, which changes all the more obvious. Machines did more work at the same time, means we humans play a role in search engine will become less, or at least we have decided on the right of the search results more and more far.

Moreover, this gap not only in the Google search engine, but spans many fields of the online services and technologies. On Friday, in a corner of the Gallery, Google official invite visitors to wear their paper VR equipment to explore "deep dream (DeepDream)" deep inside. Cardboard VR equipment to show people a realistic "simulated universes" a little. Moreover, the technology is undergoing rapid development period. So it is no exaggeration to predict that one day, machines will be able to create a much larger virtual world. Google VR Clay Bavor, head of the project and not just as a visitor appears in the exhibition, he was behind the weekend Exhibition sponsor and sponsor one of Joshua To work in Google VR.

As you can see, Hans Holbien using technology to accomplish their art, and this line of thinking will radically change some areas, causing profound changes.

Lei Feng network Note: reprints please contact us for authorization and keep the source and author, no deletion of content.

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Microsoft s Qi Lu ice doing the right things

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network" public attention): author of Qi Lu, Executive Vice President of Microsoft, written on Microsoft Microsoft released fourth-generation artificial intelligence after the small ice.

Microsoft's Qi Lu:

In the field of artificial intelligence, Microsoft is not a recruit. In the past 20 years, Microsoft continues to invest in the field of artificial intelligence, has accumulated a large number of patents and technologies. At present, has finally come to our accumulation of these research and development into products and services.

| In artificial intelligence: the third man and the world

Through the last two or three years Microsoft Small ice and Cortana's product development and operations, we have reason to believe, artificial intelligence will be the next 10 global technology and innovation of the Internet industry growth, and meaningful is that artificial intelligence will become the third man and the world, and become a new bridge to connect people with the world.

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--Dialogue is the basis of the revolution, that is able to make all kinds of knowledge, information and service on which you are running, and formed the basis of eco-environmental platform. But at this point, Microsoft may have done some things right.

Artificial intelligence has this "dialogue", are almost all researchers in related fields of dreams. Includes Microsoft, Google, Facebook, big companies such as IBM and Baidu, have invested heavily in this area. In Silicon Valley and in Beijing, there are at least hundreds of entrepreneurial team in building a similar service, and dialogue systems, trying to capture one or more users live and work.

Among them, we can see some industry where many different attempts, but inevitable given the "dialogues" of too many functions and meanings.

It reminds me of Microsoft's interesting exploration of the small icy body. Last November, the small ice platform officially arrived beauty. But today, there are still a large number of American users don't believe that ice is an artificially intelligent robot, little ice release video of each of us can get on average more than 1.2 million plays and 20,000 bullets. Since its release in 2014, little ice has more than 42 million users, cumulative amount of dialogue over 20 billion. This is a huge success. First heard ice teams reported to me that the figures, I and many colleagues in Redmond said I can't believe it. Even compared with a base of more than 700 million Internet users in China, which was a huge success.

| Microsoft ice does two things

First half of the year is also a United States media likened the small ice "biggest in the history of science and technology of the Turing test". This has caused me and many of my colleagues think. What has Microsoft done? With the deepening of globalization strategy of small ice, what have been the experiences can be replicated?

Through the discussions for several months with small ice team, we feel that the small ice does two things:

Affective computing framework: Microsoft has put forward two years ago of affective computing framework. First, we believe that the framework plays an essential role in the development of artificial intelligence, all products of artificial intelligence, not just ice, should be taken into account in addition to IQ, introducing the new dimension of EQ. Later, as the deepening, we find that "emotions can affect people's decision" about it, almost penetrates every aspect of our lives and works today. Whether you're shopping in a business App, and interact in a social networking platform, are no longer merely function, but rather to reflect temperature, reflects the EQ characteristics of this dimension of the powerful, the better performance of the platform. Therefore, we believe that there will be more and more product and technology research and development, as a basic framework of affective computing, as a basic dimension of EQ+IQ.

Common dialog system of artificial intelligence: a small ice set up a common dialog system can self-evolution of artificial intelligence. This system is like the era of the long tail of search engine user experience, no matter what problems the user throws, Kimi was able to answer and to carry on the conversation. Now, after three years of development, small ice has achieved the initial assumption of "just me". With small ice, many friends of business focus from the outset to conquer a niche, but over a period of time, they often find that, in the face of users a diverse range of needs and problems, what they lack is ice the common dialog system. This system is the Foundation of Microsoft's strategy of artificial intelligence, is a crucial step.

In fact, small ice even though there was a "little" words, but within Microsoft technology and product lines, such as Windows, 10 Office 365, Hololens, and little ice has a variety of Association and cooperation. We have accumulated over the past more than 20 years, in artificial intelligence, search engine and data aspects of technical reserves, are also on the small ice body. So why we attach such importance to this dialogue robot? Because Microsoft believes that "dialogue platform" whose time has come.

| The third era: dialogue platforms

In the history of information technology, the real sense of the times, there have been twice. Each is accompanied by an interactive revolution. The first time was when the rise of personal computers, graphical user interface the interface for user interaction. Agents represented by the Microsoft of that era. The second time, when the rise of the Internet, people began to connect with the world through a search engine and browser. Google became the second representative of the times.

Microsoft believes that today's development of the mobile Internet and cloud, was only the third time in its infancy, but this new era of transition. Real's third major era, was the age of artificial intelligence. And the core of its revolution, was "dialogue platform" is emerging. We call it Conversations as a Platform (CaaP). In fact, the dialogue at the core of this new era, after the master data, user connections, and technical conditions, more like a regression.

Why we define it as a regression? In fact, if you have the impression, as early as the PC popularization and the rise of search engines, they don't like this using a keyboard and mouse, and the machine dialogue, use keywords to search in the search box. First experience was directly talking to computers, search engines to complete the dialogue. Just because the technology does not have the conditions that make people have to learn to use a machine to understand input and use keywords to find what you need. Dialogue is the most natural form of interaction from start to finish, only that it does not have the condition.

Today, we finally have our dialog platform conditions.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently said that 5-10 years in the future, artificial intelligence than humans are better at doing some of the most basic tasks, such as special missions, voice recognition, image classification, as well as games. Seems he thinks artificial intelligence breakthroughs in some of the areas of expertise of the expert system. We believe that when AI is no longer seen as the quotation marks and bold emphasis on concepts, and becomes as light bulbs, washing machines, computers, phones, commonplace things in daily work and life, this marks the popularity of artificial intelligence.

Finally, for general artificial intelligence and the relationship between people, we also have done some thinking. Current CEO of Bill Gates and Satya had have special views, here, refers to Satya recent views, as a conclusion:

We will be using more technology, artificial intelligence to help people's work and life, including emotions.

Meanwhile, we have planned to organize more shared activities, make our technologies and products more transparent, it also facilitates members to more easily understand the operating principle of small ice. Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

We will further leverage our technology to make artificial intelligence in a more neutral position, will not be about data bias of the Internet.

We will also continue to develop the framework of affective computing.

Lei Feng network Note: please contact the authorized and keep the source and author, no deletion of content. Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

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CJ 2016 No backpack VR wireless solution comes are you ready yet

Known Archiact last year when the Vancouver team, small also indulge in their early development of the Lamper VR VR mobile games, then they released something new, whether it is Google Gear on the VR on the Play, access to many players at home, and has a high amount of downloads this year with 37 mutual investment in entertainment.

Cath Kidston galaxy note 4 cover

But during the ChinaJoy, they are featured in a wireless or backpack under VR experience programme, with all your curiosity and questions, small and Chinese leaders talked, and experience the people some of the exciting equipment.

CJ 2016 | No backpack VR wireless solution comes, are you ready yet

VR line market segment, there is a demand

Earlier media reports, Frank, founder of Archiact has advised that it will set up distribution in China, in charge of business operations, can be seen at the initiation of the development line of thought. For the real reason, co-founder Derek tells Xiao bian, "the VR market lines than on larger, but focuses on the line. "They hope that by creating more boutique solution, including hardware, software, and development potential of offline operations and" market segment below the line. "

But to maintain offline experiences the business, need to keep the flow of people, this may be the current store problems, Derek thinks the flow of people is not high, "experience under the last line the owner pushes hardware, content not kept pace with the experience overall is not very good. Our flagship boutique this year in order to advance the line. "

While China's Huang Zhihua, head believes that online store there is a market demand. "Part of VR's online experience in the market, but it leads to strong feelings, will become mainstream. "

Then they introduced the Matrix fight in order to create VR line experience brand. It is understood that currently using HTC Vive double programmes have been launched, while the human space program is launched in the second half.

Games to grab the user in a short time is very important

CJ 2016 | No backpack VR wireless solution comes, are you ready yet

Field experience is the helmet and handle

Besides b-oriented programme provides offline, Archiact own gaming content, is also responsible for the issue, which has some games under their online content. But when it comes to offline with mobile VR game development is different, Derek said with a smile

"Is not the same. Because the offline experience time limit, within a few minutes will give the player good experience, after the players play at least, want to play second or refer a friend to play with. So within a short time, offline experience is cool, interactive, or more people. With mobile, single experience or developed for the three big games. If catch users within a few minutes, then you will loss the user. "

Game development or renewal period, they did not specify the time, but expressed the need for "balance, inputs and markets. " Cath Kidston galaxy note 4 cover

"Market players will never be comparable, because good games this year, and next year is not good. Players play a symbolic game, he will use this to measure all other games. "

In fact, learned that a team game to offline businesses, small series of reaction is: If previous games without profits?

"In the Gear on the VR payment OK, Goggle also Play downloaded games on a large, but not for Android users pay to download, and the pay system did not, there would be no open payment scheme. "

Derek looked helpless.

At present, the Archiact team has more than 60 people in Vancouver, responsible for research and development, the Chinese team has more than 20 people, is responsible for the operation. In addition to the VR game development on the mobile side, they are also developing other games for three big content.

Was amazing to VRcade wireless solution Cath Kidston note 4 cases

CJ 2016 | No backpack VR wireless solution comes, are you ready yet

The Time of the Zombies game

Small addendum CJ also experienced their spatial wireless tracking solutions. This program providers are United States VRstudios VRcade of research and development programmes. Description of view from its website, VRcade includes a wireless helmet, motion capture systems, and real-time 3D engine, the minimum support is 4.5x4.5 meters, can be extended infinitely.

Small series of the day experience of space is about 30 square meters, surrounded by 12 cameras on the walls, helmet and spear-shaped handle parts marked points. It is important, no helmet, no cables connected to the computer, or backpack. Contents of experience is called the Time of the Zombies playing zombie games, their official website has a video introduction. In fact, despite the physical space of 30 square meters, but in the game you will see a virtual grid of white, tell you the moving range, still feel somewhat restricted.

Because there was no line, and do not have to carry heavy equipment, will be very easy, see the zombie game, you can't help but immediately rushed forward, a single shot. Moreover, handles guns in the game, and in the course of the whole experience is very smooth, almost no delay, did not feel faint after the game is over, there are still outstanding.

Slightly it is regrettable that, due to venue audio is too loud, the walls of the room hit, affecting the camera hanging on the walls, the game screen shaking occurred, and zombies are fine, and can also improve on the game play. However, there is no cable or carrying a backpack experience, really impressive.

CJ 2016 | No backpack VR wireless solution comes, are you ready yet

Nomad wireless helmet prototypes 

CJ 2016 | No backpack VR wireless solution comes, are you ready yet

Demo video of the Nomad's official website, it looks good

Derek said this equipment mainly for high customer requirements for space tracking accuracy, they also have a project using the Wavesine company for the Nomad wireless helmet, also uses a wireless transmission technology, no wires. Helmet and placed a small LED lights on the handle, active motion capture, accuracy may not be as high as VRcade, but the cost will be lower. This program has not been tested, so small series have no experience, cannot see at the moment, but try Nomad helmet feels lighter.

Of this wireless solution known as VRcade, was reported in the media before they established their cooperation with a variety of parks, after this experience, small individuals look forward to, offline experience really can bring surprises.

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Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience

Nubia Z5 mini since its launch on July 16 attracted widespread attention, and released the same day can already be purchased online. ROM team in the country and immediately start with the Z5 mini TD to carry out a root, third party Recovery and development such as third-party ROM, Z5 mini playing further forward.

That the Z5 mini brush into third-party ROM after successfully, small series of tests the first time.


Before doing this, first to gain Root privileges on Z5 mini, using the one-click Root tool is as follows

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience


After gaining Root permissions and brush into a third party Recovery

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience


Usually brushing machine users should be familiar with the operation of the first "dual-wipe", and then Format the System operation can be brushed into the zip flash package

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience


Third parties as a result of the ROM is only an attempt, has little official ROM changes, more streamlined and small adjustments, so from the UI and is not much different

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience


Streamlines the application

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience


Properly sync Google contacts

Hello Kitty iPad mini cases

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience


Running test, a number higher than the official ROM, the main increase in graphics performance (official ROM left and right third-party ROM)

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience


BaseMark x test scores comparable to (the official ROM, ROM third parties)

Official release Z5 mini brush third party ROM experience


In the 3Dmark test, scores have improved tests can be seen small Physics test is slightly improved (official ROM left and right third-party ROM) Hello Kitty iPad Mini Case


This brush third party ROM hasn't changed significantly, so many places retain ROM comes with style, if users like the streamlined style of ROM can be trying, but pay special attention to flashing will probably lose warranty.


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Low price Bose SIE2i 134 95

Low price: Bose SIE2i 4.95

Bose SIE2i is a more popular sport headphones, its special StayHear shark fin silicone sleeve, outside the special addition to their appearance, are quite comfortable in wearing and solid and powerful. In addition to this, the light show design and waterproof features, are quite suitable to wear during exercise.

Bose SIE2i low price $ 134.95, about 830 Yuan, cost about 900 Yuan, Taobao in the 960~1000 range, the price advantage there is. Vans iPhone5 Vans iPhone 5 Case

Vans iPhone5

Purchase address

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Samsung make virtual reality more violent

Don't know jealous Oculus is still really optimistic about virtual reality, Samsung today revealed its Galaxy series mobile devices the virtual reality helmet products, I was cheered after listening and fulling, virtual reality helmet has only existed because the game players in the world, and Samsung joined in this world-class technology companies, will no doubt help virtual reality faster transition.

iPhone case Kenzo

Oculus Rift and Sony ProjectMorpheus is flagship game users, but this is only a virtual reality scenario in the tip of the iceberg. Other medical education, military simulation, simulation of Interior design, and industrial simulation of potential fields.

On took game belongs of entertainment field for, because by limited to technology, also didn't account to non-game video and family entertainment, aspects, led to "completely immersed in virtual reality environment in the" now rarely was home in the can do: Brothers inconvenience of people can't in home to virtual feel one himself love of concert, and in see TV of we can't to feel those art of temperature, and Miss someone has also cannot let he/she from photos in the jumped out of to...... iPhone case Kenzo

In the field of medical education, we hope to create virtual models of the human body, with the help, HMD, feeling the track ball glove, so that students can easily understand the internal organs of human body structure, these are virtually impossible, because all the energy companies have been put on in-game user.

An entrepreneur once said "VR extensive powers to improve cognitive ability, learning ability and analytical ability, it comes in more than just games or simple 3D movie."

Samsung revealed again is "existing development stage, Samsung virtual-reality helmet products have been used with the Galaxy and Galaxy S5 Note 3. The virtual reality head-mounted device can be fixed in the user's face, its perimeter and forward vision in all directions. And can be compatible with Android game. "This will undoubtedly give us a great deal of imagination, Samsung to do virtual reality helmet, with its huge consumer electronics control, it should be coveted for more than just gaming, and not just the ability to control games, because it is a Samsung.

Finally, the only hope that Apple's arch rival, with its quick learning ability and strong execution, make virtual reality more violent!

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